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Travel Designers is a Wholesale Tour Operator based in Athens, focusing on inbound tourism to Greece.

Its principals have been servicing the global tourist for almost half a century. From cruises, to sightseeing, from multiple island arrangements to full conference services, Travel Designers is proud to represent the travel industry at its best; in fact, our longterm commitment has assisted us in earning one of the most respectable names in Greece and abroad, especially in the United States.

As our title denotes, we design first rate travel services, ranging from deals in luxury multi-star hotels to affordable all inclusive cruises and packages of sightseeing.

Our commitment for integrated wholesale and retail services seeks customer service satisfaction to its infinite form. We take exceptional pride in projecting our genuine interest in satisfying both individual and collective clientele needs. It is a fact that we do not take the word “service” for granted, and make sure that we try to focus on finding answers to concerns or problems any agent clientele might be concerned with, or, better yet, has never thought of.

Our well trained and experienced crew provides:

customized packages and services that are equally tailored to the needs of both agents and clients, and services that adapt to various financial levels, satisfying both the affluent and those under budget restrictions

We can only tell you, that where beauty finds magic you will find Greece. However, we can guarantee you that, where service defines pleasure you will seek us: Travel Designers.

So allow us the privilege to join you in your effort to offer your clients the services you desire.


Yiannis Alimonos

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