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SHORE EXCURSION: Olympia site & Folk Show
Activity level moderate
Duration 4 hours
You will visit Olympia site
You will see The Plain of Elis
Meals refreshment & snacks
Shopping time for souvenir shopping in the village of Olympia



Embark on a scenic drive to the sacred precinct of Olympia. Lying in a fertile valley watered by the Alfios River, steeped in myth and legend is the site which gave birth to one of man's most noble ideals. In 776 BC and for over 1,000 years following, began the first Olympic Games. Every four years the Olympic flame is relit in this tranquil holy place and delivered to each new city that hosts the Games.

As you walk through this serene paradise you cannot help but be impressed by its tranquil atmosphere and stunning setting. Stroll the sanctuary with its temples, altars and treasuries, all overlooked by masses of trees, which are said to have been planted by Zeus' son Hercules, to mark the boundaries of his father's domain. Walk, or if you are up to it, run the original course in the stadium with its marble starting blocks still intact.

Greece is one of the few countries in the world where folk dances are as alive today as they were in ancient times. This is a great opportunity to see a troupe of dancers performing Greek and local dances, in traditional costume. Almost every dance has a story to tell and they continue to be passed on from one generation to another, keeping the national identity well and truly alive.

Refreshments of a glass of wine, Ouzo or a soft drink, accompanied by some traditional Greek snacks, will be served at a leading venue in Olympia village.


Important Notes:

  • This excursion will operate by coach and on foot.
  • Note that all minors (those under 18) must be accompanied by an adult on shore excursions.
  • The drive to Olympia is approximately 45 minutes each way.
  • Guests are advised to wear comfortable walking shoes, as there is approximately one hour of walking on this tour over flat surface.
  • The Folkloric show venue has about 15 steps at the entrance.
  • Rest room facilities at the site.
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